The World Spa Network also known as WSN, was founded in 2013 by the The M-Group Limited; a Florida Corporation based in Jacksonville FL. The M-Group Limited has had vast experience for years in the Spa industry both Online  where the M-Group has owned and managed several high traffic websites; and in traditional brick and mortar ventures, where the M-Group owns numerous spa outlets.


 WSN, as founded as a community resource for Spa Owners and Massage therapists in a bid to share ideas and solutions to the many challenges found in managing and operating a spa business. Spa Owners and Massage therapists have to deal with sourcing clients, managing appointments, human resource challenges, regulation, taxes and a general public perception which is not always fair to the industry.


The World Spa Network was active on Face book and had a large following; by 2015 WSN recognized that the biggest challenge to Spa  Owners and Massage Therapists was advertising and managing appointments. Most solutions available today are extremely costly and can place a spa or massage therapist in huge financial constraints.


By the time a Spa Owner or Massage therapist has all the tools necessary in successfully managing their business it can set them back a few thousand dollars annually. Advertising can take anywhere from 20% - 50% of a Spas revenue, appointment booking software can run a spa over $1200 annually and the list is endless if you include accounting, bookkeeping and business management software.


WSN, has spent over two years developing a mobile app that instantly brings together clients and service providers in the spa industry, as well as manages appointments in a well organized state of the art appointment booking software. The software is free for customers and is now popular with more than 50000 users worldwide. The software is currently supported on the Android and IOS platforms.

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